Tech Photo Collage, Day 1

image1 (5)

Stage manager Emily and lighting designer Justin work on cues. Shawn supervises.

image1 (7)

Getting started!

image2 (1)

Our partner in crime and cabaret!

image2 (2)

You may be miserable, but at Oberon you’ll always have glitter.


Everybody sing!

image3 (1)

Ilana and I do a “good cop, bad cop” thing with our snacks, where she is “healthy dramaturg” and I am “diabetes dramaturg.”


Our board op Violet is ready for spring. Too bad we were stuck inside all day….

image4 (1)



Sound tech and new momma Kat models headset fashions.


Shawn and Obehi have a heart-to-heart.


View from the tech table.


Watch this space for some awesome art!

image1 (6)

Poster’s up!


And some morale-boosting silliness inspired by today’s warm-up:


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